Now The Dove Flies

Now the Dove Flies
for vocal duet, piano, and flute
music and words by Connie Pwll Walck Tyler 

This lament for our world celebrates the continuing presence of the spirit despite war and despair.
Some excerpts:
Now the Dove flies
Sails the war torn skies
Feels the wind rip
Through her wings
Tossed and turned now
Cries of war howl
Tearing through her
And still she sings…

They say that “sin” means “to miss the mark.”
I have so many times aimed in the dark.
We fail in little ways, betray our friends.
It wasn’t planned that way.
Distraction leads to evil ends.
The shadow fear clouds our attention.
Mind falls astray into dissension
Ignorance can twist the dart
And then it falls far from the mark…

We see glory magnified.
Shout our praises to the skies,
Build our monuments to our wars
Forgetting the needs of weak and poor…

And still the dove flies
While the earth cries
Polluted with more debris of war
Children sick now,
Soldiers cry foul!
Dove is weeping
And yet she hums.
Hums to children who die
Despite mothers’ deep cries
Sings to young who march to war,
Despite fathers outraged roars,
Wings over famine and drought,
Polluted water, polluted ground.
Folds us under her downy breast,
Warms us in her gentle nest…

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