More About Teenage Felines

Upon Adopting Teenaged Felines,
a Suite in Four Playful Movements for Piano

Second place winner,
Music Teachers of California Composer’s Today State Contest,

Sheet Music


1. New Home – with Dog!

            Cautiously Andante – Magic sets out to explore the new home.  Fern cries plaintively for him to be careful.

            Curiously Moderato – Everything seems to be safe, and both set out more boldly when – The Dog discovers strangers in her domain!  The cats dash to safety, but The Dog comes bounding after, wagging her tail with glee!  Whoopee!  Potential friends! Magic slowly advances toward The Dog and they come nose to nose.  “Lick!”  “Yetch!” But nevertheless friendship is desired, and they touch noses again.  The Dog goes tail wiggly bouncing away. 

            Happily Allegro – “Well,” says Magic, “This might be fun.”  “Maybe,” says Fern.

2.  Upon Discovering the Keyboard, 3:52 AM

            No comment.  Yawn.

3. Escape!

            Sneakily Andante – “If we just hide behind this chair right by the door maybe we can…

            Happily Presto – Escape!”

            Alarmingly Adagio – “Oh, no!”  “Oh, no!”

            Distressingly Allegro – “Here, Magic!”  “Here, Fern!” “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!”

            Sadly Moderato – “Oh, no, no, no, no.” 

                        “Shhh, do you see the door is open?  We can get back in to the food.”

            Smugly Allegro – “See me hop, dance, and duck through here.”  “I’m coming, too, right after you.”  “Here we are!”

            Joyfully Andante – “Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!”

4.  Lying Yin Yang in the Bathroom Sink

            Up and over, then back down  

            backwards down around,

                        Flipping tails up and down.

            Down and under, then back up,

            backwards up around,

                        Flipping tails up and down.

                        Flipping tails up and down.

Sheet Music