In Praise Of Animals

n Praise of Animals
for piano and solo voice

music by Connie Pwll Walck Tyler
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Hurt No Living Thing, words by Christina Rossetti
In Memory of Sweet Frisky

Fire Fly Song, traditional Ojibwa poem
In Memory of Elizabeth Jane Watkins
who is dancing and weaving through the stars

The Eagle, words by Alonzo Lopez
In Memory of Denise Dovell who knew how to soar

The Tiger, words by William Blake
In Memory of Mellie and her four wonderful kits

Black Elk Dreams of Horses, words by Black Elk
In Memory of Helen Watkins who rides the dream horses
bareback as she rode the horses of her youth

Black Elk Dreams

Buffalo Dusk, words by Carl Sandburg
In Memory of Dulcinea, Singing Wolf, Mousie and Cloudy

A Noiseless Patient Spider, words by Walt Whitman
In Memory of Doug Adams, Professor of Religion and the Arts,
Pacific School of Religion, who still spins new bridges for us all.

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