Humming On The High Wire


Forty Collected Poems by Connie Pwll Walck Tyler

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Tightrope – Going Home – Winter Solstice – Elidor – The Path – Winter Descends – The Wolf – The Wind – I Want My Mama – Love – I Am Not Alone – Hum – Red-Tailed Hawk – Wild Spring – Harvest – Earthquake – Whoopi – Kuan Yin – Dove – On the Death of a Friend – Mousie and Moon – Mellow Yellow – Strawberry – Poetry – Traveling – Racism – Breath – Wisdom – Tibet – Strength – Chanting – Flute – Parasumgate – Behold, the Jewel in the Lotus – Flame – Creation/Destruction One – Creation/Destruction Two – Control – Home

From page 12:
Left alone
(the divinity cannot prevent
the anguish
and the pain)
Open my soul to the compassionate caring
of the Universe
yes, we understand,
we, too, have felt pain,
anguish and helplessness.)
Void is filled with faces, souls
(reaching arms ready to hold me
while I cry)
Eternally caring
they cheer me on,
but do not clear my path
of the tearing, rending obstacles.
I must, still,
find my own way.

From page 28:

Poetry is a wisp of a word,
flowing downstream
sometimes smooth and oily,
dark and deep,
wrapping you in a rhythmic rope of rune,
or a rat a tat
mutter of matter
tripping shallowly
over the rippling rocks –
Poetry is a spring
from the soul,
a fountain
of the heart,
of the brain.
And if it doesn’t rhyme,
That’s just fine.