Harmonious Links

The following are websites that seem in “harmony” with the Deep Hum concepts!

InterPlay: www.interplay.org
InterPlay is a community of people around the world who speak the shared language of a wide and deep variety of play. It is a body of bodies who enjoy contact and connection. You can skim the surface and learn some wonderful new ways to live, or you can dive into the deep end and really change your life. It is up to you!

InterPlay has been developed by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter over the last twenty years and has spread around the world.

Sacred Dance Guild: www.sacreddanceguild.org
Founded in 1958, the Sacred Dance Guild is an international, multicultural, interfaith, non-profit organization which, through a full spectrum of activities and information, enriches the lives of its members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.
Our Mission:
The Sacred Dance Guild promotes sacred dance as prayer, and as a means of spiritual growth, connection to the Divine, and integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Quirky Auntie’s “Sustainable Living” Room: www.NikaQuirk.com
Come on in to the “Sustainable Living” Room and take a look around. Here you’ll find connection, warmth, humor, support, playfulness and unconventional wisdom.  Nika Quirk aka Quirky Auntie, wise woman coach and host of the “Sustainable Living” Room,  inspires ease and action in turbulent times

Conscious Dancer Magazine: www.consciousdancer.com
Conscious Dancer Magazine is about moving your body for health, happiness, and greater awareness. Use the forums to share your stories and discuss your practice. Events posted in the ”News and Events’ forum appear here on the home page.

Do you think your website is a “harmonious link”?  Email connie@deephum.com and send your link.  Please reciprocate with a link to www.deephum.com.