The Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet

The first book of the Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet is available as an ebook in several different formats at Smashwords. It’s free!  Go to Journey to Ninas Twei to get your free copy!  For more information, and to listen to the songs, go to The Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet site.


Journey to Ninas Twei

Book One in the Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet:
A musical fantasy

When a stray young cat struts boldly into Giselle’s life, the restless young teacher finds herself compelled to “go north.” She’s drawn from the city to rural Arundel where, with the help of a man who prowls the forest as a grey wolf, a librarian who slips through the night as a cougar, and a gardener who rides the wind as a red tailed hawk, she sets out to save the world. 

Listen to Butterfly Winginga short song from Journey to Ninas Twei sung by Katie Winton-Henry.

An excerpt:
Dark Hunter’s Moon


 It was nearly midnight, a moonless night allowing the stars to glow large and bright.  The cougar hunters tramped out of the forest and down the driveway to the dark lump, shadowed by the hills, that was the Bidewell house.

“Hey, Amundsen,” one of the men called out to the silent old man.  “How old’s your granddaughter?”

Amundsen kept walking, his old 30-30 swinging at his side.

Finally the deputy answered for him.  “Nine.  And the missing boy’s the same age.”

“Old enough to get into some mischief,” the man muttered.

“Hey, what’s that?” yelled another man pointing toward something standing out near the edge of the cliff.  It was a tall, dark shadow, tree-like, and yet clearly not a tree, black against the starry sky.

The men turned to stare at the strange object.

“We should check it out,” muttered the deputy and they all followed him across the meadow.  A small cat slipped out from back of the dark house and padded across the trampled grasses behind them.

The men circled to the front of the object where it faced out over the ocean.

“What is it?”

“It’s a carving of a tree…”

“Or a woman.”

“Looks like both,” added the deputy.

“Look!  Her feet are roots.”

Old man Amundsen’s eyes narrowed as he glared at the tree woman.  “The devil,” he whispered.  “The devil is here.”

Just then one of the men noticed the little cat sitting looking at them, his head cocked to one side.  “Hey, look at the way that cat’s looking at us!”

He started toward the cat, but the kitten became frightened and turned to run.

Suddenly a shot rang out and the cat leapt in the air as a bullet hit the ground next to it.  It tore across the yard to the house as two more shots followed, but managed to duck under the porch without being hit.

Amundsen lowered his gun.

“Jees,” muttered one of the hunters.

The deputy took a deep breath.  “Amundsen…”  He shook his head.  “I don’t think you needed to do that, Amundsen.  It was just a cat.”


Another excerpt:
Acorn Moon, Waning

Racing the Wind

… she felt herself sinking into the Earth Woman Tree Woman, becoming the woman, becoming alive, herself and the woman, made of the earth and the tree, the sun and the ocean, supple as the willow and strong as the oak.  The man and the wolf became blurred, floating together, one and wild and freeborn.

He howled and sang to the sea, she – woman, earth and tree – jumped on his back, and they ran, racing the wind along the cliffs.  Within her was a wild confusion.  There was herself, and then another that was many, that was All.  And the many sang:

I am the earth, the growing, the first born,
anchored no longer.
I am the highest form, called the lowest,
anchored no longer.
I trap the sun spirit.  I am the transformer,
I am the earth, source of all life,
anchored no longer.

Hair flying, tail flying, they climbed the forested hills and called to the day-moon.  They cantered through the high meadows, flying down on the wind to the sea to gallop along the wet beach as the sun sank into the foam, taking the light, leaving the night, and the moon shining on wet sand, and glinting in the wave swept rocks.  Cold, white light when the earth becomes still, and slowly a tree is a tree and a wolf is a wolf, and the circle is broken.

COMING SOON: the sequel to Journey to Ninas Twei!