Dancing The Deep Hum


Dancing the Deep Hum:

one woman’s ideas on how to live in a singing, dancing universe.

by Connie Pwll Walck Tyler

Leaping through theology,
pirouetting across string theory,
lunging into politics, social justice issues,
and the environment,
she spins her way toward a covenant
for living in our world.

In Dancing the Deep Hum, Connie Pwll examines the sometimes delightful and sometimes painful lessons she has learned in her sixty-five years of life, and humbly presents some ideas about how to live life joyfully.
Weaving in and out between the personal and the public, the individual and the whole – the universe, the infinite, and the here and now, she searches for the definition of that unnameable something that hums.
She uses her own experiences, her experiences through the stories of others she has met, found in books, film and the media, to set out a set of principles for living that just might bring us personal happiness while moving us toward a solution to the world’s ecological and social justice problems. 

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Table of Contents:

Unfolding – 1
Daring to find my own form.
Places That Hum – 5
Keeping a listening ear for the moments that hum.
The Fool’s Journey: Exploring the Concept of God – 24
Cultivating my “don’t know mind.”
Dance, Music, and Physics – 56
Finding out that dancing and singing are the ways to be in harmony with our dancing, singing universe!
Myth of Individual Identity – 80
Understanding that life is constant change, both externally and internally,
that bits and pieces of the rest of the universe are constantly moving in and out of our “selves”
bringing new information and insight and helping us grow into more connected beings;
finding out there might be more than one way to get wherever we’re going
and accepting the rights of others to believe in different ways; and reaching into the “self-awareness” of the universe.
Creation and Destruction – 109
Discovering that the universe is in a constant flow of creation and destruction – that all creation involves destruction.
Heaven and Hell – 121
Learning to rejoice in our heaven moments and relax our grip on the moments of hell.

Which Are We Choosing? (Heaven or Hell?) – 144
Knowing that being well informed about what we are destroying as we create
helps us make the best decisions for our own well being as well as the world.

Creating Heaven on Earth – 190
Learning to love, and love, and love again.

Joy, The Creative Act – 223
Seeing the creative act as a force for change in the world.

Dancing the Deep Hum – 249
Letting go of our “little pride”, putting our creations joyously forth into the world,
and teaching the world to dance and sing.

The Last Petal Falls – 268

Appendix A
Creating Rituals – 270

Appendix B
Becoming a Deep Hum Dancer – 273

Selected Bibliography – 275