Dance and sing, be in harmony with our dancing, singing universe!

Principle Two, Deep Hum Dancers

Superstring theory says that everything in the universe is made up of “vibrating strings of particles”.  Today scientists think there might be other shapes, not just strings, but whatever form the smallest particles of the universe take, they vibrate.

Vibration is the basic quality of sound.  Vibration is movement.  Sound and movement, singing and dancing.  Our universe is singing and dancing!

Every Friday morning I go to InterPlayce in Oakland, CA to dance and sing with a lovely diverse group of men and women.  In this very safe place I can allow my body and voice their full expression.  In return I receive many gifts.

On a personal level, singing and dancing are both great therapy for releasing my distresses, expressing my disappointments and joys, and for healing my emotional wounds.

On a spiritual level, singing and dancing in some inexplicable way brings me to connection with each of the other people in the room, the earth, and the rest of the universe.

When I leave I find myself greeting the people I pass on the street and receiving friendly smiles and greetings in return.

I’m ready to face the week, the sometimes distressing world, and all I meet with joy and courage.

Think you can’t dance or you can’t sing?  Find out that, “Yes, you can!” in next week’s blog!

Read more about this in my book, Dancing the Deep Hum.  You can learn more about the book and my other writings at  You can purchase Dancing the Deep Hum online at, Amazon, or Powells, or order it from your local bookstore.


  1. Doug Victor says:

    Thank you Connie for reminding me to listen for the deep hum and feel the vibrations. Very basic stuff this and oh so important.

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